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A Positive Spin On COVID-19 and How We Can Help

With so much chaos and confusion in the world, I want to share a different perspective on how you can choose to view the current state of affairs.
With the recent statewide shelter-in-place order, it’s impossible to not feel the impact the COVID-19 virus is having on our everyday life. It’s as if an intruder came to destabilize our sense of stability and security by threatening our health, livelihood, finances and in some cases, our future. No wonder fear and panic are running rampant!

Thankfully, there is another perspective. This same intruder may offer us an opportunity to pause and reconnect with those we value most, including ourselves. Our daily routine that kept us “too busy” and “too tired” has come to a screeching halt. Now that the busyness and the rat race has subsided, decide to re-create, refocus and emerge into a better version of yourself! This may be your opportunity to accomplish a major goal or project that you’ve been putting off for years. Some of life’s greatest accomplishments came through times of darkness and deep despair. If you need help and guidance through this journey, we are here to support you!

● Free coaching/counseling support. If your income has been negatively impacted and you need coaching support – we are here for you. For a limited time, we are offering virtual mini-sessions at no charge.  Schedule your mini online or phone session here.

● Virtual, video-conferencing and phone sessions. We are responding to the need to remain connected during a time of “social distancing” by offering more web and phone sessions. While we may not be sitting together in the same room, our connection and the progress are still present.

● Safety precautions. While we have limited our in-person sessions to emergency needs only, rest assured our office is cleaned and sanitized throughout each day to help reduce the virus spread.

● Staying connected with you. With more people staying home, we will be communicating via email, Facebook Live and Youtube to share new insights and ideas to keep you encouraged and motivated.

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