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Life Coaching

Whatever you want to have, become, or choose to bring into your life is directly tied to what you “do” everyday! It’s the ‘doing’ (or the non-doing) part that dictates what we manifest in our lives. Your behavior is the primary indicator of your present and your future life and Life Coaching is all about realigning your behavior and creating new results.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a type of guided imagery or induction into the deeper portals of the brain.  By entering a state of comforting relaxation, words of change are spoken that take root, like seeds in the subconscious, which blossom into new images, insights, attitudes and behaviors that produce healthy results.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

The science of NLP is best understood by understanding the three words that make up its name. In short, Neuro Linguistic Programming is understanding and changing the language of the brain in order to produce different, more satisfying results and outcomes that make you feel good and live more fully.

Benefits Of Life Coaching

Working with a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist is one of the most powerful methods to steer your life in a positive direction.  Combining Life Coaching with Hypnosis allows you to retrain your brain for positivity and success by rewiring the neural circuitry of your brain.  This is possible by the brain’s mechanism called neuroplasticity, the brains ability to create new brain cells and connections.  This is the process of change and it happens from the inside out!  Life Coaching and Hypnosis are the gateway into this magnificent process of self discovery and re-emerging into a better version of yourself. Here are some benefits of life coaching.

  • Clarity of what you want and how you can get it
  • Closing the gap between where you are and where you wish to be
  • Coming up with different techniques to help you reach your goal faster
  • Increasing self esteem and confidence
  • Eliminating insecurities and negative beliefs


Brian is such an excellent Life Coach! The way Brian listens creates such a comfortable environment. Brian also offers logical methods to take with you after the session is over. I exercise these ideas on a normal basis, and I am growing every day because of it. Brian comes from a human standpoint and views your concerns with an open heart. He's also quick and witty. Sometimes our sessions can be filled with tears, and others, filled with laughter, or BOTH!

Brian is great!


Everybody needs a coach, even other coaches. I too am a coach who has worked with Brian off and on for different challenges that I've been faced with. As a fellow hypnotherapist who also uses NLP, I'm always amazed at the approaches he has used. And especially appreciate the results he has helped achieve. I'm also very impressed with his integrity. The onus is that working with him works for me and has continually been very, very effective.


I love going to Begin Again life coaching. Brian has helped me so much. He is so nice, professional and thinks outside the box which I love. He helps me to regain being centered and he has such a positive, high-vibe feel-good energy. I love his hypnosis recordings and truly believe I've seen real changes come about from them. I've already recommended Begin Again to several people. I look forward to my next session and working on more personal growth. Brian has truly been an ally and an angel and has made a difference in my life.


Brian is an excellent Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. He will go out of his way to help his clients to stay balanced while making sure of their well being!! I have called him numerous times because of my own anxiety, stress, and personal problems. Brian always returns your calls no matter how busy he maybe because of his commitment to making sure his clients are at peace. No matter what your current situation is he will make sure to help resolve it!! I have improved so much in my life by only seeing him 3 times. I have yet to continue with my therapy!!


Brian is an amazing mentor and teacher. I am so fortunate to have found him. If you are looking to meaningfully improve your life, I would definitely check him out. It's the best investment that you could make!


Initially, I was seeing a psychiatrist for ADD and depression. He prescribed a cocktail of medications. After a year and a half, it was clear; the pills weren't working. I sought out an alternative to the traditional mental therapy. I was fortunate to find Mr. Tucker. His methods are transformative! Since working with Brian I no longer take any psychiatric medication nor do I see a psychiatrist! If that's not a life change I don't know what is!


Brian has been my life coach for the past 3 months now. I came to him feeling overwhelmed, depressed, defeated and a flat out the mess!

After my first session with him, my life took a turn in the direction I've been trying to get to for many years. I felt alive again! I was no longer depressed. My natural ability to attract positive energy returned. I received more business and more career opportunities and the relationships in my life began to turn for the better. My spirit was calmer, I could focus better and had more clarity.

By the end of my next session, I was finally in control of my life after not being in control of my entire adult life! My assertiveness returned and I learned how to say "no" and not care because finally, I was putting myself first. I was totally clear-minded and was able to make decisions based on what I really wanted and not based on pleasing others. I was no longer indecisive about how to handle situations & nobody, not even my family controlled me. I was more in tune with my son after feeling so disconnected for so long because of depression. I was no longer just making it through life but I began to LIVE!

By the end of my third session, I was ready to start planning for my future by creating a vision board! Fully confident. Earning top dollar in my career & being in charge of every aspect of my life by putting myself first.

If you're considering getting a life coach that specializes in hypnosis therapy Brian is your guy. He really listens to you and thrust you into successful thinking & doing! He didn't make me feel judged or uncomfortable. Brian is awesome! Words can't explain my gratitude! He is worth every penny!

Disclaimer... this is only for people that know they need a change and are ready to make it happen by putting in the work to change their thought life. This is a commitment to bring positive change into your life in every area!

I'm so glad I found Brian! And grateful that he is my life coach!


Within 2 mos of weekly sessions with Brian, WE successfully tackled 3 of my major problems. As a result, I experienced real positive changes in my life. My most limiting issue was; no attention to detail. I was a true scatterbrain. I would constantly walk into a room and forget why I came. It didn't stop there, it was affecting my work performance. Brian explained what was happening and gave me an entire treatment plan. It included mindfulness techniques, daily meditation, custom hypnosis recording, and mantras. After following the plan, my mind became more focused and on-point. Today I experience life in a way I never have, thanks to Brian! Crystal Clear and In Focus.

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