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Current Credentials

Brian Tucker is an Advanced, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Life Coach, and Master Practitioner in the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Through his practice, Brian has counseled and coached innumerable clients to successful lives and careers and has gained the respect and esteem from Industry professionals and clientele alike.

Through his television broadcast, Begin Again Coaching Series, Brian connects with viewers through live coaching sessions, expert advice in personal
development and guest interviews.

Prior to Coaching, Brian’s corporate career spanning over 25 years landed him in various industries including Telecommunications and Broadcast Television. It was in this latter role as Vice President of Sales that Brian realized “communication” was the most vital aspect in business and in life. Whether it’s communication
between salesperson and client, or TV talk show host and their viewing audience, the most important communication of all, is self, or internal communication – the language of the brain.

Passionate about understanding the inner workings of the mind, Brian’s professional experience spanning 6 years of intensive training, included The Wellness Institute of Issaquah, Washington which is among the top 5 schools in the country for advanced Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training and is a graduate of Western Illinois University.

Over the last 10 years, Brian has served hundreds of clients with several thousand client session hours. Brian is also a volunteer leader with Victories For Men, an organization which has helped over 6000 individuals develop deeper self-understanding, better relationships, and brighter lives.

Professional Associations

Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute – Board Member

Victories For Men – Board Member

Phone: (773) 239-0777


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