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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a type of guided imagery or induction into the deeper portals of the brain.  By entering a state of comforting relaxation, words of change are spoken that take root, like seeds in the subconscious, which blossom into new images, insights, attitudes and behaviors that produce healthy results.  Hypnosis is akin to telling a child a bedtime story.  It’s calming, comforting, quiet and relaxes the mind. The mind is easily able to focus on the story and your attention span is increased.

The creative and imaginative faculties of your brain are alive and heightened.  Your learning increases.  You become very curious and begin to feel new possibilities are within reach.  Creative thinking and problem-solving pique and your brain is stimulated creating new neural connections that give birth to optimism and new behavior.  As you enter varying levels of consciousness, awareness and cognition, your brain begins to uncover new strategies that were previously inaccessible and you tap into new internal resources that you’ve unknowingly possessed.

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