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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The science of NLP is best understood by understanding the three words that make up its name.  Neuro, refers to the brain and the part of the brain that interprets and gives meaning to every event, memory and experience in our lives.  Linguistic, refers to our internal and external dialog, the type of communication we have with ourselves, the self-talk that we feed-on and live by everyday. But it’s not limited to our self-talk.  It also includes the images, pictures and movies that we play in the theater of our mind.

Programming, implies how we are programmed to behave, also known as learned behavior – which comes about as a result of the meaning and interpretation we give to the events and experiences of our life.  In short, Neuro Linguistic Programming is understanding and changing the language of the brain in order to produce different, more satisfying results and outcomes that make you feel good and live more fully.

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