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The Self-Confidence Playbook: How to Master the Inside Game!

This course compiles data and research from more than 200 clients and over 1000 coaching hours.

Self-confidence fuels a belief and optimism that you can balance, and win in life, both internally and externally. It merges many factors, including experiences, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, successes, and the people in your circle. In this regard, increasing self-confidence must take place on the inside, in order to appear and be evidenced on the outside.

Here is a fundamental truth and a thought provoking reality:  Self-confidence is more an emotion than it is a personality trait. It fluctuates and changes, rising in good times and waning or evaporating during difficult times. Possessing it is not as simple as saying ‘either you have it, or you don’t’.  Just as you can be peaceful today and angry tomorrow, self-confidence ebbs and flows according to your mental and emotional state.

Here is what you will learn and gain:

  • Learn to advocate for yourself
  • Get unstuck and focused on your goals
  • Own your talents and strengths
  • Believe in yourself and your capabilities
  • Eliminate people pleasing and learn to prioritize YOU
  • Reduce anxiety and minimize depression
  • Increase self-love and self-worth
  • Take healthy risks and gamble on yourself
  • Pursue your passion and dreams
  • Gain self-control and self-discipline
  • Get a grip on FEAR
  • Meet new friends and create new experiences

Who can benefit from this course?

  • Anyone who second guesses and doubts their instincts
  • Anyone who seeks validation and approval from others
  • Anyone who lacks assertiveness and inability to speak up
  • Anyone who does not feel smart enough, good enough,
  • Anyone who struggles with planning or reaching goals
  • Anyone overly concerned with how others think or feel about them
  • Anyone who focuses more on failure than successes
  • Anyone who wants to improve social skills and be more outgoing
  • Life Coaches, Therapists, Teachers, Managers, Speakers, Parents, Leaders, Sales Professional



Course duration: 6 weeks

Weekly class length:  90 minutes

Class type:  In-person and online

Full course rate: $697.00


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