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Brian has been my life coach for the past 3 months now. I came to him feeling overwhelmed, depressed, defeated and a flat out the mess!

After my first session with him, my life took a turn in the direction I’ve been trying to get to for many years. I felt alive again! I was no longer depressed. My natural ability to attract positive energy returned. I received more business and more career opportunities and the relationships in my life began to turn for the better. My spirit was calmer, I could focus better and had more clarity.

By the end of my next session, I was finally in control of my life after not being in control of my entire adult life! My assertiveness returned and I learned how to say “no” and not care because finally, I was putting myself first. I was totally clear-minded and was able to make decisions based on what I really wanted and not based on pleasing others. I was no longer indecisive about how to handle situations & nobody, not even my family controlled me. I was more in tune with my son after feeling so disconnected for so long because of depression. I was no longer just making it through life but I began to LIVE!

By the end of my third session, I was ready to start planning for my future by creating a vision board! Fully confident. Earning top dollar in my career & being in charge of every aspect of my life by putting myself first.

If you’re considering getting a life coach that specializes in hypnosis therapy Brian is your guy. He really listens to you and thrust you into successful thinking & doing! He didn’t make me feel judged or uncomfortable. Brian is awesome! Words can’t explain my gratitude! He is worth every penny!

Disclaimer… this is only for people that know they need a change and are ready to make it happen by putting in the work to change their thought life. This is a commitment to bring positive change into your life in every area!

I’m so glad I found Brian! And grateful that he is my life coach!

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