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Jolt Your Brain Into A New Rhythm

Jolt Your Brain Into a New Rhythm

The word “new,” is one of the most powerful words in the English language. As soon as you hear the word “new,” your brain jumps to attention, intensifies its focus, and directs all your mental faculties toward the new object or activity.

Consider the experience of buying a new house or car. Imagine beginning a new relationship. Maybe you’re starting a new career or expecting a new baby. Pick the one that appeals most to you, and for a moment, imagine having it. What are you feeling? Your brain’s reward center is responsible for the emotions you feel. A sense of excitement and anticipation always accompany anything pleasurable or rewarding. Think of the last time you bought something new, won a prize, achieved a goal, or conquered a fear. Were you not excited?

New pleasurable experiences trigger the brain’s “feel good” hormone, dopamine. This chemical causes your brain to create new neural pathways, similar to highways connecting points on a map. The more new connections you have – the more you grow. Your brain is constantly looking for deviations in your habitual pattern and routine. So when it detects something new, wholesome and pleasurable, a chain reaction occurs. The chain reaction produces positive thoughts, balanced emotions, and productive behavior. 

One of the biggest causes of unhappiness is boredom. Boredom is the absence of new, and exciting experiences. The antidote is simple. Give yourself a jolt by planting something new and positive into the mix. If you’ve been on the hamster wheel for the last year or last decade – your energy, confidence, creativity, and performance are hijacked. You can re-energize your life by committing to something new.

Doing new and novel things promote brain health. This includes learning new skills, having new conversations, meeting new people, asking new questions, reaching new goals, and forming new habits. All of these are a gift to you and your brain. If you can love yourself enough to give yourself a change of pace, there are many benefits. 

On an emotional level, your mood changes, and you become more positive because you handle stress better. Mentally, you become brighter, and more focused. Physically, you increase energy, and productivity by replacing bad habits with new habits. Finally, socially you are more engaged and present.

So what new goal, gift, or experience can you give or challenge yourself to? What aspiration, if attained, would make you feel proud of yourself? When you feel proud of yourself, your brain gives you a standing ovation, and you deserve nothing less!

If you need a helping hand on your journey toward newness, I’d be honored to walk at your side.

Cheers to new beginnings and a brand NEW YOU!

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