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Rise To The Occasion

Rise To the Occasion

Rise To The Occasion

Imagine a world where you are pushed to the limits of your potential? If discontent in your life demanded drastic changes, would you be motivated or even capable of altering your life to create better results? Do you believe that you could rise to the occasion and prevail?

The expression “rise to the occasion” is synonymous with making the conscious effort to successfully deal with life’s problems and seizing life’s opportunities as they come. But what if they don’t come? Suppose the answers are not outside of you but inside of you?

The most recent time I heard the phrase, “rise to the occasion,” I asked myself, “rise to what occasion?”. The answer that emerged from inside of me was: 

“you must create the occasion to rise to”.

As I pondered this, I envisioned proactively taking the bull by the horns and creating victories with defiant courage and dogged determination. In other words, don’t wait – create! Waiting is inaction. 

Instead, identify your struggle and implement a turn-around strategy. Think about what you are thinking about. Name your fear, speak to it, and ask what do I want instead. Transform your ideas and insights into opportunities. Allocate time to them in proportion to your desire’s urgency. Then do the required behavior to get the desired result.

This is an act of self-love and self-confidence.

Winning depends on self-confidence, and self-confidence depends on winning. It is virtually impossible to have a successful life without believing in yourself, and it is naive to think you will have it without due diligence.  

If you have an intense desire to live your best life, then your commitment, effort, and self-confidence must be in direct proportion to the intensity of your desire. Nothing less will work! And when these rise to the level of your desire’s intensity, then you will have risen to the occasion that you created, and your self-confidence will soar, bringing with it more victories!

Take the bull by the horns. Create an occasion to rise to and commit to a higher standard. When you do, your self-confidence will soar, you will achieve your dreams, and you will impact the world around you in profound ways. 

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